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Cathy Hewett at Cloudless Skies


Hello and welcome to the "About me" page.

As a qualified secondary school English teacher and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator,  and with a previous career within the financial sector, I gained years of experience working with and supporting others before training to become a therapist.

The growing number of people, from all age groups and backgrounds, struggling with anxiety or living with the long-term effects of trauma or suffering with the symptoms and stress of health issues, became all too evident when I became the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator in my school. However, I also saw the positive and lasting impact counselling and other forms of support could have on a person's life and emotional well-being, and I found myself wanting to be able to provide that support, not just to secondary school students, but to anyone experiencing difficulties or problems that they just can't seem to overcome.

As luck - or fate - would have it, a few years ago, while living in Colorado and taking a break from teaching, I came across a number of approaches to emotional health and well-being  that intrigued me and changed my own life for the better. I undertook training in Reiki (Levels I and II), learning to use it for relaxation, emotional balance and grounding, as well as for easing physical issues including pain.  Then I was introduced to the wonders of EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, often referred to simply as 'tapping'. Using EFT initially as a self-help tool, I began working on my own anxieties and blocks, uncovering the often surprising root causes and clearing the emotional baggage I'd been unknowingly dragging around with me for decades!

Image by Daiga Ellaby

Amazed by what I was experiencing - I felt happier, calmer and more in control of my thoughts and emotions than I'd ever thought was possible - I began to use my skills to help friends and family with their problems, with very positive results. I realised I had found my way to support others.

And so, despite loving teaching, I decided to retrain as a therapist. I  am now a Certified EFT and NLP Practitioner, and have a Diploma in Integrated Energy Techniques.

In my practice today, I combine and adapt elements from a number of therapeutic and energy-based modalities in order to provide my clients with a tailor-made approach to working on their specific issues.


My aim is to help people reduce and eliminate anxiety and pain, no matter how it may show up for them.

Image by Loren Joseph

Most of us face difficulties at some point in our lives, and all of us could use some help and support at times. Whether your problems seem large or small, whether your anxiety and stress is specific or general, and whether your health issues are chronic or intermittent, I offer friendly, relaxed and highly personalised support, and I would love to help guide you towards a clearer mind and an easier life.


Cathy Hewett BSc 

EFT International Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner

The American Board of NLP Certified NLP Practitioner

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