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"My sessions with Cathy have brought such a positive change to my life in a relatively short period of time. I have really enjoyed them even when they have involved some intense inner work. We have worked through childhood memories, current health concerns and core limiting beliefs. Cathy has skilfully guided me through healing from each of these in such a natural and effortless manner that I feel so much more energetically lighter and brighter.

It’s made a huge difference to how I go about living my daily life and has brought welcome changes to my work and relationships. It’s made me more proactive and focused on how I choose to live my life. I feel a renewed sense of purpose and I am now moving forward with things that I had procrastinated over for the longest time.

Thank you so much Cathy, full credit to you for the good work you have done with me. It’s been a liberating experience and I look forward to doing more sessions with you in the future."

Pooja, Surrey

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Trees in the Wind

"Cathy has been instrumental in helping me manage multiple sources of anxiety, particularly arising from a recent epilepsy diagnosis but also including long-standing phobias and other negative thought patterns.

She listens to what I tell her without judgement and recommends the best course of therapy based on her knowledge and experience, as well as my personal preferences. She is also fantastic at making me feel at ease even when describing what I know are irrational thoughts and behaviours.

We have had sessions both in person and remotely over video chat, both with very effective results. I would recommend Cathy to anyone who needs support with emotional issues or physical challenges made worse by stress and anxiety."

Francesca, Heidelberg

Hot Air Balloons

"Our first session was a revelation!  We started with a gentle yet probing Q&A with Cathy guiding me down several paths to find out more about things that were happening in my life, which might have been causing my anxiety.  We then moved into the 'tapping phase’ where she drew on information absorbed during our Q&A. 

 She really put me at ease throughout, quickly sensing areas that felt uncomfortable and adjusting accordingly. To my absolute amazement, we got to the nub of my anxiety by the end of our session. I discovered something that I am certain would not have surfaced otherwise.  I felt liberated, as though a huge weight had lifted from my shoulders."   


Kirsten, Bromley 

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“Cathy has been helping me for the last few months. At first I was a bit sceptical about tapping, but I have actually found the process relaxing and reassuring. I feel more positive and my overall health has improved.

Cathy is a lovely person and her friendly professional manner make each meeting a pleasure.”

Andrew, Orpington

"Cathy is a great listener - I feel I could tell her anything. She carefully scrutinised the issue I needed help with and quickly got to the heart of  the matter. The techniques she applied seemed simple but were effective. Not only did she help me to understand better the situation that needed addressing, but also how my reaction to it could play such a  key part in resolving matters. I’ve been able to apply the techniques afterwards with a noticeably different outcome."

Tracey, Bromley

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Since having sessions with Cathy I've noticed that I don't worry as much as I used to - things that bothered me a lot before bother me less now. I've also noticed an increased clarity in the way I see things. I used to feel frustrated and uncertain about what I wanted to do, but now I definitely feel less stuck and have a stronger sense of direction.

Cathy is great at listening and helping you bring things together in a way that makes sense. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with negative emotions or physical symptoms.

Jon, Tonbridge

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